Reasons To Start-Up in Cyprus

Considering starting up a business entails many different aspects. Choosing the right place to cast anchor, the right time to make the next move and the right sector to invest are only some of the key considerations that any businessman and/or entrepreneur would have.

Choosing Cyprus can undoubtedly turn out to be a wise choice for any start-up business. Cyprus offers a vast array of investment opportunities in multiple growth sectors. Being part of the EU single market, with a resilient local economy, a very easy and efficient way to set up and maintain a business, an infrastructure which is very well accommodating business growth, high level of professionalism in all sectors, a continuously upgraded legislative and regulatory regime, a transparent tax regime with tax incentives appealing to any business person, Cyprus is a new upcoming and very promising innovation and tech hub, determined to stay at the forefront of industry developments.

Our law firm offers a variety of services to assist any business person from the very early steps to start.

  • We can assist any person to obtain a visa and relocate in Cyprus.
  • We can thereafter assist in the setting up of a new business by undertaking the incorporation of a new company.
  • We can arrange for the provision of directorship and secretarial services through our affiliated company Pageserve Limited
  • We can arrange for the provision of bookkeeping and auditing services through our affiliated company Pagemark Limited.
  • We can provide assistance in relation to headquartering your new business.
  • We can provide continuous and ongoing legal support for any matter.
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