Providing legal and procedural advice in real estate related matters and transactions, both in Cyprus and internationally is one of our key practices. Cyprus has established itself as one of the premier real estate investment destinations in the Mediterranean and the EU due to the multiple business and lifestyle advantages on offer. Real estate transactions have been consistently and considerably rising for the past years as a result of considerable economic growth, new government incentives as well as increased activity in tourism, trade and manufacturing.

Headquartered in Limassol, the real estate hub of Cyprus, Patrikios Pavlou & Associates LLC is well positioned to advise its clients and has extensive and in-depth knowledge in advising and assisting both individual and corporate clients in real estate transactions whether those are made for investment purposes, relocation to Cyprus, commercial activities, establishing a corporate base or a new home. The firm’s real estate clients range from real estate funds to overseas investors across all sectors including commercial property, residential, hotels, retail and industrial. Building on our strong litigation experience, the firm can also advise on disputes and litigation in relation to residential and commercial properties.

Our real estate advisory services include:

  • Legal advice on real estate transactions
  • Corporate Holdings of Real Estate
  • Advising on Landmark Projects
  • Real Estate Tax
  • Investment Advice
  • Independent advice and assistance for the Cyprus Investment Programme
  • Relocation of corporate headquarters to Cyprus
  • Advising on debt-to-asset restructurings involving major banking institutions
  • Provision of security over Cyprus real estate assets
  • Real Estate disputes

Sample of Major Cases Handled

  • Advising one of the major banking institutions in Cyprus in relation to all loan restructurings performed by them pursuant to an amendment of the Cyprus tax legislation, effective as from 31 December 2015, according to which certain loan restructurings are temporarily exempt from tax, where such restructurings include the transfer of immovable property to the creditor/financial institution in exchange for the repayment of debt. We acted as the legal advisor to the bank to a debt of more than EUR 9 million.
  • Advising a number of high-net-worth individuals from Russia, Asia and other non-EU countries on the purchase of premium commercial and residential properties which qualify for the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme.
  • We are currently advising one of the leading property developers in the Eastern Mediterranean on the development, planning and licencing stage on their latest two landmark projects, which will include two of the tallest buildings in the Mediterranean region; these are considered to be among the largest private real estate investments.
  • Advising certain private individuals from Australia on the complete procedure regarding the reconditioning of listed buildings in the Limassol old town to turn them into a niche residential development. This is an important project as it deals with listed properties that are bound by specific legislation for their heritage protection and require expert legal advice in order to maximise investment opportunities.
  • Extensively advised a major European investment bank on securing their rights on certain immovable assets, which were mortgaged to the bank as part of a USD 35 million financing to a leading international online forex broker based in Cyprus. An important project due to the cross-border complexity of securing certain properties situated in Cyprus and the technical difficulties in obtaining licencing from the Cyprus Land Registry to be a mortgagee.
  • We regularly advise on all property-related matters, both local and international individuals and corporate clients seeking to invest in commercial, residential and/or plots of land throughout Cyprus. Our firm has practical hands-on expertise in handling real estate transactions and land registry formalities and procedures. Our clients range from those requiring simple conveyancing to complex financing deals that will involve at least one local or international financial institution.
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