Supporting the UK National Pro Bono Centre through the sponsorship of the Commercial Litigators’ Forum Directory of Service Providers

We are proud to support the work of the National Pro Bono Centre, which for the last 10 years, continuously provides access to justice in England and Wales for the vulnerable communities across the UK. Patrikios Pavlou & Associates LLC managed to secure its support to the National Pro Bono Centre by sponsoring the Commercial Litigators Forum (CLF) directory of service providers.

The CLF is established by several leading dispute resolution practices, with main activities in London, New York and Moscow. The directory of service providers has been innovatively created by the CLF through a charitable initiative, and aims in providing enhanced interaction amongst law firms, the judiciary, in-house counsel and service providers to the legal market.

Being supporters of the new National Pro Bono Centre, we back up its objectives, which include the provision of professional legal expertise to the least supported and vulnerable individuals that cannot afford legal aid, improve their access to justice and contribute to the needs of the legal system. As one of the leading law firms in Cyprus, we are active supporters and promoters of social responsibility and we invite all organizations and suppliers of services to law firms, including technology to forensic services, through document management, translation services, insurance, mediation and others, to become part of the directory and assist the efforts of the National Pro Bono Centre.

We are honoured to be part of this charitable initiative and we look forward to developing this new collaboration even further.

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