Mr Stavros Pavlou has been registered as a DIFC Practitioner

We are very proud that, following the registration of our firm with the DIFC Courts in Dubai, now our Senior & Managing Partner, Mr Stavros Pavlou, has been registered as a DIFC practitioner, and obtained full Rights of Audience before the DIFC Courts.  From the available records, Mr Pavlou is the first Cypriot lawyer to be registered as a practitioner with this very busy International Commercial Court.

After a successful interview, Mr Pavlou, along with a team of another four lawyers from our firm’s International Litigation Department (Katerina Philippidou, Andria Antoniou, Nantia Koliarou and Athina Patsalidou), attended a virtual hearing before a Judge of the DIFC Court, which involved eleven applications that were promoted by the parties within a claim totalling more than US$32.5 million.

Mr Pavlou, with the able support of our team of lawyers, represented our clients within the context of applications contesting the jurisdiction of the DIFC Court to hear the dispute and requesting further particulars in relation to the Claimant’s allegations as those were set out in her Particulars of Claim. He also opposed an application whereby the Claimant requested several amendments of her Particulars of Claim.

The Registrar of the DIFC Court received the case report and, after evaluation, confirmed Mr. Pavlou’s registration with full rights of audience.

The laws establishing the DIFC Courts in Dubai were designed to ensure the highest international standards of legal procedure, ensuring that the DIFC Courts as International Commercial Courts provide the certainty and efficiency expected by the global institutions operating in, with and from Dubai and the UAE. They provide for a court system capable of resolving all civil and commercial disputes, ranging from international financial transactions to employment disputes.

We look forward to expanding this new area of work before the DIFC Courts within the context of the highly specialised international litigation department of our firm!

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