Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

At Patrikios Pavlou & Associates LLC, we treasure our team’s ability to provide expert advice in numerous law areas and at the same time we are also very proud of our members’ continuous development and persistent success.

Two of our Senior Associates, Mrs Nasia Papakonstantinou and Mr Christos Ioannou, successfully passed their Insolvency Practitioners examinations and are now officially included in the Cyprus Insolvency Service (ISC). The aim of the ISC is the effective, undisrupted and efficient implementation of the procedures set in the Insolvency Regime legislations, thus contributing in resolving economic difficulties faced by civilians and businesses to reduce non-performing loans, sustain employment, encourage economic activity and maintain social cohesion.

Mrs Nasia Papakonstantinou and Mr Christos Ioannou are now also licensed to advise businesses, individuals, financial institutions and creditors on all formal insolvency procedures, including bankruptcy, liquidations, debt restructuring schemes, voluntary arrangements, receiverships, etc.

Congratulations to Nasia and Christos for adding value to our law firm and for being motivated to perform at high standards.

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