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Our law firm is accredited with the DIFC Commercial Court in Dubai since 2020, and has since then been expanding the scope of our services related to Dubai within the context of our highly specialised international Corporate and Litigation departments.

Stavros Pavlou, Senior & Managing Partner, Bsc (Econ), GDL, Barrister, TEP, FCIArb, is the first Cypriot lawyer to be registered as a practitioner with the DIFC CC and holds full rights of audience. As an experienced litigator, economist and commercial consultant, he leads our firm’s Dubai presence, supported by more than 30 Partners and Associates [Contact Stavros Pavlou:].

Through our newly established Dubai desk and our presence on a monthly basis in Dubai, we offer corporate and commercial consultancy services tailor-made to the needs of our international clientele.

We have created a network of top professionals and local firms to cater for all the needs of our clients in Dubai. Our network’s services cover among other things:

  • Corporate, Legal and Business consultancy;
  • Risk and Crisis management;
  • Sanctions advice;
  • Wealth Planning;
  • Asset Management;
  • Corporate services, including establishment and/or redomiciliation of companies, establishment of foundations and funds and all ancillary support services, such as opening and operation of bank accounts, bookkeeping etc;
  • Local support in the acquisition of property and development thereof in UAE.

All the firms in our network are among the top professionals in UAE, fully licensed and extensively experienced to provide their respective services in cooperation with us and under our bespoke service for our clients tailored to their needs.

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Please be aware that third persons are impersonating lawyers of our firm, in order to defraud innocent people. Our lawyers will never contact third parties on their own initiative to offer our services, either through phone or emails. The lawyers of our law firm, are clearly visible in our website and can be reached by telephone on 00357-25871599. If you receive an email or other document, that appears to come from us, requesting payment or informing you of new bank account details, please contact us immediately. We will not be responsible if you send money to an incorrect bank account.