Covid-19: Legal Reflections on Virtual Closings

Year 2020. A beautiful number for the New Year. And yet, the dawn of 2020 has found humanity battling an epidemic threatening human lives and the future continuity and daily routine of humanity [...]


Transforming General Meetings: Covid-19 and other “viruses”

Cyprus companies are faced with the challenge of finding the new normal in a changing climate, along with the need to facilitate the running of their business. The introduction of strict measures [...]


Nantia Koliarou


Regulatory Update Alert AIFs and UCITS: New Depositary Safekeeping Rules

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”) has been widely regarded by European regulators and industry players alike, as a very powerful and proficient tool, responsible for [...]


A call for specifying the “Pre-Marketing” concept within the AIFMD

A need for clarity On the 12th of March 2018, the EU Commission via an explanatory memorandum (“Explanatory Memorandum”), adopted a package of further measures intended to deepen, unify and [...]


Financial Institutions: Banking & Finance Transactions

Financial Institutions: what to have in mind before entering into a Banking and Finance transaction? Introduction: The proper structuring of a finance transaction ensures the due performance of [...]


The Basics of Company Migration

Why? As birds migrate when seasons change, companies migrate in search of more prosperous jurisdictions to carry on their business. This is an inevitable fact given the constantly changing [...]


Shadow Banking Practices

Cyprus Companies in “shadow banking” – what to look out for In recent years Cyprus companies have sought, albeit not often, to generate financing outside the regular banking system through [...]


Lending and Taking Security in Cyprus


Stylianos Trillides

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