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Omega Court International Business Centre

 Omega Court International Business Centre (Ω Court IBC) is a well-designed, stylish and professional office solution to suit the business needs of the overseas market in Limassol, Cyprus.

The Ω Court IBC is ideal for overseas organizations wishing to establish a presence in Cyprus and for small and medium-sized businesses that want to cut costs and yet remain flexible in an ever changing business climate. The highly flexible lease terms per day, week, month or year can accommodate the various requirements of every business client.

Ω Court IBC is situated in the business centre of Limassol, in an ideal location next to the Limassol Court House, close to banks, restaurants, cafes, shops, courier services and within 10 minutes’ drive from the best seaside hotels.

Ω Court IBC’s professional environment provides clients and guests with comprehensive services to fully satisfy their office requirements. The complete list of standard and optional services is the following:
  •     Comprehensive administration and secretarial support
  •     Telephone, fax and mail services
  •     Telephone answering service
  •     High speed internet connection
  •     State-of-the art infrastructure, IT and office equipment
  •     Fully air-conditioned areas
  •     Office customized signs
  •     Fully furnished offices
  •     Kitchen  
  •     Office cleaning & rubbish collection
  •     Common area burglar alarm, monitoring & patrol services
  •     Common expenses, insurance/service/utility charges covered
  •     Professional IT support and maintenance services
  •     High tech conference room with HD LED TV & DVD player
  •     Fireproof safety deposit room
  •     Provision of registered address
  •     Company secretarial services
  •     Accounting, audit and tax services
  •     Catering services – at request

Ω Court IBC
  •     11 fully equipped offices
  •     Reception and lobby areas
  •     Server room
  •     Safety deposit box room
  •     Kitchen
  •     3 restrooms
  •     Conference room

The fully serviced offices are generally offered on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis for annual use, but other arrangements can be made according to client’s requirements. The high tech conference room with a capacity of 8 people and the safety deposit boxes are also offered for lease to individuals and/or companies who are not users of the Ω Court IBC.

For more information, please contact us at:

Omega Court International Business Centre
Omega Court, 4 Riga Fereou Str., 3rd Floor, 3095 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: +357 25 817 717
Fax: +357 25 762 260

Patrician Chambers, 332 Agiou Andreou Str., 3035 Limassol, Cyprus
P.O.Box. 54543, 3725 Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: +357 25 878 866
Fax: +357 25 364048


Cyprus is situated in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

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